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When business gets involved: A case study of business community involvement in Minnesota's early childhood education policy

Minnesota experienced significant advancement of early childhood education (ECE) issues in the past
five years, integrating contributions from researchers, corporations, advocates, foundations, education,
public officials and government entities. It appears that this high level of corporate engagement in what
is usually termed a “social” issue is unprecedented for Minnesota.
The description below details Minnesota’s ECE activities from 2003 to the present, with a particular
focus on the business community’s role in ECE. The timeline illustrates how fact‐based information,
mixed with passionate and well‐connected people and organized task forces, creates change. That
being said, components of Minnesota’s ECE reform plans that some thought would be statewide by
now, like scholarships for low‐income children to attend high‐quality child care, remain in pilot phases.

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