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What is the Milwaukee K-12 School System?

Throughout much of the nation, parents have a clear-cut choice of where to educate their children – in a public school, at taxpayer expense, or in a private school, at the family’s expense.

In Milwaukee and some other cities, however, that line is not so clear. Here, students can attend public schools operated by private organizations and private schools that receive public funding, in addition to traditional public and private schools. In a pair of reports, we explore the characteristics of K-12 schools in Milwaukee as if they were one “system.” This approach provides a holistic view of the range of options available to Milwaukee elementary and secondary school students, while also allowing for reflection on how the city’s education landscape has changed during the past decade and how that landscape compares to peer cities.

The first report – What is the Milwaukee K-12 School System? – provides a broad overview of Milwaukee’s education landscape, both as a guide to parents and as background for policymakers and other interested parties who wish to familiarize themselves with the basics of the city’s K-12 “system.” 

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The second report – The K-12 School System in Milwaukee: How has it changed and how does it measure up to peers? – takes a deeper dive.  First, it explores how the current education landscape has changed in the past decade.  Then, it analyzes how Milwaukee’s education landscape contrasts with other large cities using a group of 10 “peer” cities. 

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