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Property Values and Taxes in Southeast Wisconsin - 2014

This year’s report first analyzes two years of regional data on property values (2013 and 2014), with specific consideration of multi-year trends.  In previous years, we have examined property value data only from the prior year, as those valuations are used to determine property tax levies in the current year (e.g. valuations as of January 1, 2013 were used to determine property tax levies in 2014 municipal, county, and school district budgets).  In this year’s report, because of the availability of valuation data for 2014 – and because of the noteworthy nature of that data – we analyze both years.

After presenting data on property values in the region, we next examine 2014 budgeted tax levies and tax rates of southeast Wisconsin counties, municipalities, and school districts. This examination allows us to explore the relationship between 2013 valuations and 2014 taxes, and to offer observations on trends and policy implications. 

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