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The People Speak Poll: Region’s residents give transportation infrastructure average grades

Metro Milwaukee’s drivers and bus riders give the region average grades when it comes to transportation infrastructure. The condition of the region’s freeways gets the highest grade, a C+, while local streets and roads garner a C-. The findings come from the latest People Speak poll of 386 residents in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties conducted in early June.
Ozaukee County residents give the most generous grades, while Waukesha County residents give the lowest. The broadest range of grades is given to local bus service, which rates Cs among Ozaukee and Milwaukee residents, but Ds among Washington and Waukesha residents. Survey respondents who ride the bus at least occasionally give their local bus service a higher grade than those who say they drive their car every day. Freeways rate highest among Ozaukee County residents and those respondents who work outside the home (commuters).

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