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Our research staff also tackles issues in several other policy areas, such as social services, community justice, transportation, and parks, recreation & culture, where our expertise and impartiality are valued by policymakers and engaged citizens.

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Jul, 2018
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Apr, 2018
Fifty years after civic leaders issued an urgent call to preserve a medical school in southeast Wisconsin, our report finds that the vision put forward by those leaders has been largely fulfilled. We also note, however, that the Medical College of...
Mar, 2017
Our latest research analyzes youth development expenditures by Milwaukee's largest public sector entities, a need that was heightened by last summer's events in Sherman Park, which raised questions about the services provided to young people...
Feb, 2017
Our latest research explores the concept of building a center of forensic and educational excellence in southeast Wisconsin. The recent convergence of several related endeavors led us to examine the potential benefits and challenges of developing a...
Nov, 2016
Our survey of metro Milwaukee nonprofit leaders found that, by and large, the nonprofit sector has bounced back from the destabilizing effects of the Great Recession and is optimistic about future trends in organizational growth, charitable giving,...
Oct, 2016
Dozens of organizations provide mentoring opportunities for youth in Milwaukee. Those organizations have collectively determined that a formal mentoring network is needed to coordinate regional mentoring efforts and help build the capacity needed to...