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Over the years, the Forum has built a reputation as the region's premier source of data and analysis on K-12 education issues, with annual reports on the demographics, achievement and financing of public and private schools. More recently, we have expanded our portfolio to include early childhood education, with a multi-year research project on child care quality that has helped shape state policy in that area. In addition, we have initiated a two-year project on afterschool programming in Milwaukee.

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Sep, 2009
For the 23rd consecutive year, the Public Policy Forum has compiled and analyzed data from Southeastern Wisconsin's school districts in order to better inform policymakers and the public about progress-or lack thereof-on commonly utilized measures...
Sep, 2009
Pull-out poster providing Southeastern Wisconsin school performance in an easily readable format. Performance of the K-12 school districts includes enrollment, district finances, student participation and student performance measures.
Jul, 2009
A survey of Milwaukee Kindergarten teachers finds nearly all (97%) report they can generally tell early in the school year which children attended preschool and which did not. Teachers also feel that those who attended preschool typically perform...
Jun, 2009
Last December, the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition - a national organization of more than 600 groups representing knowledge workers, educators, scientists, engineers, and technicians – wrote to President-...
May, 2009
In the latest report from its three-year research project on early childhood care and education, the Public Policy Forum conducts a comprehensive analysis of the economic impact of southeast Wisconsin's child care industry. The aim is twofold: to...
Feb, 2009
To what extent has governance reform in large, urban public school districts resulted in better student performance, greater accountability, and more educational innovation? When a school district is governed by a mayor, do the district's fortunes...