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Over the years, the Forum has built a reputation as the region's premier source of data and analysis on K-12 education issues, with annual reports on the demographics, achievement and financing of public and private schools. More recently, we have expanded our portfolio to include early childhood education, with a multi-year research project on child care quality that has helped shape state policy in that area. In addition, we have initiated a two-year project on afterschool programming in Milwaukee.

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Dec, 2015
Pull-out poster providing Southeastern Wisconsin school performance in an easily readable format. Performance of the K-12 school districts includes enrollment, district finances, student participation and student performance measures.
Oct, 2015
In this report, we address this question with a comprehensive look at public school leaders in Greater Milwaukee. Our analysis covers the four-county Milwaukee metropolitan area and uses the most up-to-date data available to answer a number of...
Aug, 2015
In this report, we address this question with a comprehensive look at public school teachers in Greater Milwaukee. This work builds on a pair of reports we published in December 2014 that defined and tracked changes to the K-12 educational landscape...
Jun, 2015
The Public Policy Forum’s 17th annual census of MPCP schools was conducted from November 2014 through January 2015. Schools were mailed a survey to complete and return, and those that failed to do so after the due date were visited to attempt to...
Dec, 2014
Throughout much of the nation, parents have a clear-cut choice of where to educate their children – in a public school, at taxpayer expense, or in a private school, at the family’s expense. In Milwaukee and some other cities, however, that line is...
Oct, 2014
Over nearly three decades, the Public Policy Forum has collected and analyzed education data to report on the demographics, academic performance, and finances of public schools and districts in southeast Wisconsin. This 29th annual public...