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Sound economic development policy is critical to creating jobs, stabilizing local government budgets, and enhancing the region’s quality of life. The Public Policy Forum conducts a variety of research that is designed to inform government and community leaders about the impacts of local economic development policies and practices, as well as best practices nationally. We will continue our in-depth analysis of issues releated to workforce development, transportation, housing, land use, local government economic development policy, tax increment financing, income migration, and related issues.

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Jul, 2000
If you are just getting off welfare and wondering whether it really pays to work in Wisconsin, the mildly good news is that state and federal tax and other changes that occured in 1999 and 2000 are going to make it slightly more rewarding for you to...
May, 2000
Milwaukee Area Technical College is a $200 million public institution that is linked in important ways to the metro area's economic future; yet, for many reason, MATC attracts little public attention.
Jun, 1999
We asked rhetorically whether it pays to work in Wisconsin as a means of evaluating tax-based incentives and their impact on the working poor.
Aug, 1998
Workforce diversity has become an economic imperative.