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Sound economic development policy is critical to creating jobs, stabilizing local government budgets, and enhancing the region’s quality of life. The Public Policy Forum conducts a variety of research that is designed to inform government and community leaders about the impacts of local economic development policies and practices, as well as best practices nationally. We will continue our in-depth analysis of issues releated to workforce development, transportation, housing, land use, local government economic development policy, tax increment financing, income migration, and related issues.

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Mar, 2004
Since 1992 Milwaukee County's share of total property value in the seven-county region has diminished from 41% to 35%.
Sep, 2003
Recent actions by large corporations have resulted in a general public attitude of distrust of business leaders.
Mar, 2003
During the late 1990s, as health care costs nationally began to grow rapidly, health costs in metropolitan Milwaukee grew at an even faster pace.
Feb, 2003
The Public Policy Forum's annual analysis of property tax base reveals that other areas of Wisconsin are outpacing the seven-county Southeastern region in growth of property values.
Mar, 2002
In 2001, the City of Milwaukee's residential tax base grew at a surprising rate of 12%.
Jan, 2002
It is well understood that housing throughout the seven-county Southeastern Wisconsin region is segregated by race and income.