4th Quarter, 2009

The Forum consistently has urged local government leaders to take stock of their long-term fiscal challenges and
develop plans to address them. Taking heed of its own advice, the Forum recently embarked on a planning effort of
its own.

3rd Quarter, 2009

Forum President Rob Henken organized and moderated a panel of transportation experts at the Government Research Association conference in Washington in July. The topic was the next federal transportation bill, which will have a major impact on Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

2nd Quarter, 2009

Forum’s 17th annual Salute to Local Government showcases government efforts to more effectively and efficiently serve region’s citizens

1st Quarter, 2009

After three years as Forum chairman, Michael Best & Friedrich attorney Bill Haberman has turned over the title and its responsibilities to Jim Barry III, a well-known Milwaukee commercial real estate broker.

4th Quarter, 2008

With its recent detailed analyses of both the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County budgets, the Public Policy Forum is getting back to its roots.

“The fiscal problems facing local governments are growing worse, and it is critical for city and county policymakers to honestly assess those...