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UWM student journalist punctures Mayfair Mall media hype

A story on Frontpage Milwaukee, an online newpaper run by UWM journalism students, illustrates how the local mainstream media has focused disproportionately on Mayfair Mall's crime problems. The author, Matthew Hrodey, found:

In 2006, police made 731 arrests at Mayfair Mall, only 11% more than Mayfair's five-year average - and about half the number arrested last year at Southridge Mall, a mall in Greendale that had about 30% fewer visitors in 2006.

In addition, the mall arrest statistics show that adults committed twice as many crimes as junveniles and that most thefts were committed by women and girls. Read the whole article for an in-depth analysis of the arrest statistics for both malls, including demographic data.

The article is a great example of the facts calling our perceptions into question. And yes, I'm tagging this post "race relations."

Hat tip: Mobile's Take

UPDATE: The mainstream media jumps on the bandwagon.

Anneliese Dickman