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Stay tuned for updated trend data on Milwaukee’s teacher pipeline

School district budget season is here. And with it, no shortage of debate on how to invest scarce resources to give students in Greater Milwaukee the best possible education money can buy. Of the factors driving how well young people are prepared for college, careers, and citizenship, few would dispute the importance of teachers and principals.  

And yet, as we found in our recent “Milwaukee Educator Series”, schools throughout Greater Milwaukee and Wisconsin confront alarming trends when it comes to securing their future educator workforce. Among the red flags, we found a shrinking supply of new teachers enrolled in teacher prep programs to replace a growing stream of existing teachers leaving the workforce.

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel highlighted a number of relatively new local teacher training and retention efforts aimed at combatting such trends head-on. From creating four-year teaching residencies, to funding science and engineering college students to become certified to teach STEM in urban schools, to exposing high school students to careers in education, to helping classroom aides become licensed teachers – efforts are underway to fix and fill the teacher pipeline in Milwaukee and statewide.

This summer, we will add context to these efforts by updating our educator pipeline research with two more years of trend data along with discussion of what the trends might suggest about current and future efforts to grow the region’s educator workforce. 

Anne Chapman