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January 25, 2008 - 4:44pm
By: Anonymous
The following is an excerpt from the Public Policy Forum's new report on capital and debt management practices at the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.*********************************************************************************"...
January 24, 2008 - 9:51am
By: Anonymous
The Packers lost a big game last weekend. While the loss was painful, at least the Pack were in the playoffs and not sitting at home like the 2nd place Minnesota Vikings. I actually felt bad writing that last comment because you hate to kick a...
January 17, 2008 - 11:50am
By: Anonymous
News coverage and commentary on last week's Public Policy Forum Viewpoint Luncheon, "Global wooing," has been abundant. The event featured a lively and candid conversation on Milwaukee's global competitiveness with five prominent area CEOs (from...
January 14, 2008 - 4:19pm
By: Anonymous
Mounted cameras that identify and ticket drivers that run red lights could offer revenue and safety benefits to Wisconsin cities – but legislators should consider the sometimes-negative outcomes that have taken place in other cities before green-...
January 7, 2008 - 11:09am
By: Anonymous
Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama were the big story last week in Iowa.However, the big story from the last five years in Iowa has been its resilient economy. In fact, no state in the upper Midwest is adding jobs as fast as Iowa. That's right, Iowa...
January 3, 2008 - 2:56pm
By: Anonymous
In the spirit of the new year, has issued a list of one hundred wishes for a better Milwaukee that succeeds in communicating both a love for and an educated concern for the city. The list strikes a balance between the quirky (number...