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Policy in a Pub:
City Revenues and Improvement Districts

July 31, 2017

Latest Research Released...

Joining Forces: Exploring service sharing opportunities for MPS

Recently Released...

Budget Brief: 2018 Proposed Budget Milwaukee Public Schools

Recently Released...

Exploring Public Health Service Sharing and Consolidation in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee

Recently Released...

Beneath the Streets: The outlook for Metro Milwaukee's largest water and sewer infrastructure assets

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Jun, 2017

As part of the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread's "Resilient Communities" initiative, we produced a comprehensive set of "community indicators" that speak to how the Greater Racine community is doing both economically and socioeconomically. While the indicators contain a considerable amount of...

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Jul 05, 2017
Forum members and friends know that one of our foremost priorities in recent years has been our work with local governments and school districts to explore possibilities for intergovernmental service sharing and consolidation. In fact, we published two reports on this topic in the past quarter –...

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Jun 25, 2017
The Journal Times

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