2nd Quarter, 2005

During the last quarter, the Public Policy Forum released the results of three studies relating to the economic health of southeastern Wisconsin. Each of the reports provided a new context for measuring our region’s performance.

1st Quarter, 2005

Over the next eight months, the Forum will produce three reports on economic development in the region and how it has changed from 1993-2003. The first report, which will come out in spring, will compare the country’s 50 largest regions, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, in terms of how much...

4th Quarter, 2004

The Helen Bader Foundation has awarded the Forum a $50,000 grant to study economic development in metro Milwaukee. The research will look at how much the region receives in federal funds for such development, how those funds are spent, and how much the region's record compares with other metro...

3rd Quarter, 2004

Quality of life. It all comes down to clean and abundant water. Without it, the best in arts, the best companies, the best neighborhoods, the best parks, and the easiest commutes don’t mean a thing.

As a region, southeastern Wisconsin has a powerful advantage when it comes to having lots...