3rd Quarter, 2010

The Forum's comprehensive assessment of the Milwaukee Area Technical College's (MATC) fiscal condition - released in late September - finds the college "is threatened by a sizable and growing fiscal imbalance and limited options to address it."

2nd Quarter, 2010

On June 10, the Forum’s 18-member Executive Committee met for a five-hour strategic planning retreat. The decision to re-engage in strategic planning was prompted by two developments: the delivery of a thick report and series of recommendations by consultant Sam Macklem regarding the Forum’s...

1st Quarter, 2010

The Forum’s release of its long-awaited report on Milwaukee County’s government structure – entitled Should it Stay or Should it Go? – drew nearly 250 individuals to a breakfast event at the Downtown Milwaukee Hilton on January 27.

4th Quarter, 2009

The Forum consistently has urged local government leaders to take stock of their long-term fiscal challenges and
develop plans to address them. Taking heed of its own advice, the Forum recently embarked on a planning effort of
its own.

3rd Quarter, 2009

Forum President Rob Henken organized and moderated a panel of transportation experts at the Government Research Association conference in Washington in July. The topic was the next federal transportation bill, which will have a major impact on Milwaukee and Wisconsin.