3rd Quarter, 2015

Members and friends of the Forum may have noticed that we've been pretty busy lately. During this past quarter we released six reports, which is the most in any quarter since I joined the Forum in January 2008. And, if that's not prolific enough, we anticipate releasing an additional seven or...

2nd Quarter, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I was taken aback when a long-time supporter of the Forum wondered aloud to me whether our efforts to collect, analyze, and disseminate policy data are worth the effort. It's not that she discounted the quality of our work, but that she questioned its value given her...

1st Quarter, 2015

One of the three strategic goals that emanated from the Forum's 2014 strategic planning process was to "develop new tactics to ensure that our research is making a difference."  Specifically, our new three-year strategic planning document specifies that:

4th Quarter, 2014

The temperatures have plummeted, the NFL playoffs are upon us, and our credit cards are tapped from holiday shopping - that means it's time once again to unveil the Forum 's top five research findings from the previous year.

3rd Quarter, 2014

The successful redevelopment of the Menomonee Valley - and the potential to replicate that success in other parts of Milwaukee - was the subject of a Forum report released on September 22 and a Viewpoint luncheon held that same day.