September 22, 2014 - 11:45am to 1:30pm

Viewpoint Luncheon: Replicating the Success of the Menomonee Valley

While redevelopment efforts are not yet complete, Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley has undergone a remarkable renaissance, transforming from a blighted industrial corridor into a vibrant center of industry, entertainment, and recreation. What were the key public policies that drove change in the Menomonee Valley? How were financial resources secured to foster redevelopment? Was the Valley’s recent success the product of its unique location and good fortune, or are there important lessons that should be applied to other major redevelopment efforts in Milwaukee? Join the Public Policy Forum at a Viewpoint Luncheon that will explore the Menomonee Valley redevelopment story and what it means for the next phase of Valley development and other redevelopment efforts in Milwaukee. First, Forum staff will present a newly released report that analyzes the history of the Valley’s redevelopment and its policy implications. Then, a panel of economic development leaders will discuss whether and how that history might be replicated elsewhere: Laura Bray, Executive Director, Menomonee Valley Partners Kathryn Dunn, Vice President, Greater Milwaukee Foundation Dave Misky, Assistant Executive Director, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee Julia Taylor, President, Greater Milwaukee Committee Wyman Winston, Executive Director, WHEDA   Moderated by: Mike Gousha, Distinguished Fellow in Law and Public Policy, Marquette University Law School   Registration for this event is closed. Any questions, please contact Therese Schneider.    
October 27, 2014 - 11:45am to 1:30pm

Viewpoint Luncheon: Milwaukee County’s Future at the County Grounds

Purchased by Milwaukee County in 1852 and exclusively occupied for a century by County institutions, the Milwaukee County Grounds in Wauwatosa now house one of the state’s foremost clusters of private health care institutions and businesses. Meanwhile, the County’s Mental Health Complex will soon shrink to fewer than 80 beds and its overall presence on the Grounds is vastly diminished. Should Milwaukee County continue to own and occupy space on the County Grounds, or is it time for a new ownership structure? Who should provide water and stormwater services, and who should pay for fire and police? What are the prospects for a cooperative discussion between Wauwatosa, the County, and private sector leaders to resolve these issues? Join the Public Policy Forum at a Viewpoint Luncheon that will explore Milwaukee County’s future at the County Grounds. Our panel of government and private sector leaders includes: Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele Wauwatosa Mayor Kathy Ehley Guy Mascari, Director of Development, Milw. Co. Research Park Dr. John Raymond, President and CEO, Medical College of WI Moderated by Rob Henken, President, Public Policy Forum