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What is the K-12 System in Milwaukee?

A pair of reports exploring the characteristics of K-12 schools in Milwaukee.

Latest Research Released...

Budget Brief: Milwaukee County 2015 Executive Budget

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Budget Brief: 2015 Proposed City of Milwaukee Budget

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Public Schooling in Southeast Wisconsin

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Redevelopment in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley: What Worked and Why?

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Read about the history of the Forum in our new 100-year history publication.

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Dec, 2014

Throughout much of the nation, parents have a clear-cut choice of where to educate their children – in a public school, at taxpayer expense, or in a private school, at the family’s expense.

In Milwaukee and some other cities, however, that line is not so clear. Here, students can attend...

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Jan 22, 2015
Wisconsin Public Radio

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Jan 27, 2015
While at the gym last week, I overheard two fathers discussing the homework their elementary and middle school children were bringing home. The general feeling was that the homework was too hard and that students were being asked to do complex tasks in earlier grades than when the dads were kids....