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What is the K-12 System in Milwaukee?

A pair of reports exploring the characteristics of K-12 schools in Milwaukee.

Latest Research Released...

Budget Brief: Milwaukee County 2015 Executive Budget

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Budget Brief: 2015 Proposed City of Milwaukee Budget

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Public Schooling in Southeast Wisconsin

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Redevelopment in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley: What Worked and Why?

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Read about the history of the Forum in our new 100-year history publication.

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Dec, 2014

Throughout much of the nation, parents have a clear-cut choice of where to educate their children – in a public school, at taxpayer expense, or in a private school, at the family’s expense.

In Milwaukee and some other cities, however, that line is not so clear. Here, students can attend...

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Jan 22, 2015
Wisconsin Public Radio

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Jan 09, 2015
The announcement this week of the closure of Milwaukee County’s long-term care facility for people with a dual diagnosis of intellectual/development disability and mental illness is encouraging news from a variety of perspectives.  Hilltop – as the facility is better known – housed as many as...